TOWER GARDEN – What I’m Growing in summer 2020

I often get asked “which lettuce are you growing…,” or any other plants people might see on my Tower Gardens. This is what I have been having success with in the summer of 2020.

Genovese Compact Basil

Multi-seed pellets for precision and convenience.

Traditional pesto type with cupped, 2-3″, dark green leaves and excellent flavor. Our Compact Genovese Improved variety in a multi-seed pellet is ideal for retail container or hydroponic production. Simply sow one pellet per 2 1/2″ container or growing media cube.

Cherokee Red Pelleted Lettuce

Dark red leaves for mini-head or full-size production. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

Thick, crisp, dark red leaves with good flavor. Similar appearance to Magenta except much darker red color, though not quite as sweet. Very slow bolting with excellent tolerance to heat and bottom rot. High resistance to downy mildew

Muir Summer Crisp Lettuce (Batavia)

The most heat tolerant lettuce.

The slowest to bolt in our summer trials. Technically a Batavian type, the light green, extra-wavy leaves form dense heads at a small size and can be harvested as a mini or left to bulk up into large, heavy, full-size heads. The leaves are crisp and have excellent flavor. Suitable for hydroponic systems. High resistance to downy mildew

Adriana Butterhead Lettuce (Boston)

Heat tolerant dark green butterhead. Pelleted Lettuce Seed.

Adriana is large and has a broad disease package. Heads are full and dense with good flavor. Good tolerance to tipburn and bolting. High resistance to downy mildew.

Coastal Star Romaine Lettuce

A longtime favorite. Conventional seed with conventional pelleting.

The large, heavy heads are dark green. Heat tolerant. Suitable for marketing as full heads or romaine hearts. Good, sweet flavor.

Astro Arugula

Early, heat tolerant.

A selection of standard arugula with a more strap-leaf shape and a slightly milder flavor.

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